Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Congratulations Asma' for making it on the first Ramadhan!

Alhamdulillah Asma' impressed us yesterday (1 Ramadhan 1432H) by fasting successfully! This was the first time she fast and her age currently is 5 month 9 months, but she really made it!

Thanks to her Kindergarten teachers (TKB) for giving lots of information regarding soum and Ramadhan and motivate the children towards it.

Asma' told us about a sketch drama made by the teachers on the topic of sahur and breaking fast. Only she forgot to tell us about the ´Ramadhan bank´ project where children are encouraged to donate a small amount of their pocket money into a tabung. (These were part of the childrens' annual activity - Hari Sambutan Ramadhan, on the last Friday before Ramadhan)

Today I want to print a few things for the children related to Ramadhan. Hopefully I can successfully implement them. Here are the links


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